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The Geography of Me

Where in the world is Rose Condo?  



'Any audience of hers cannot fail to be charmed by her revealing,

thought provoking and funny poems...wonderful in its simplicity!'

Natasha Holmes, Tell Tale Hearts Theatre

THE GEOGRAPHY OF ME is a solo spoken word show by award-winning Canadian poet (and self-proclaimed map nerd) Rose Condo. Touting a large suitcase and carting around her own red dot, Rose traces her travels through foreign and familiar lands. In a series of playful poems, Rose takes audiences on a journey through the hilarity and heartbreak of her travels.  

Confessing her love of receiving mail Rose asks audiences to send postcards – conveniently posted from the comfort of their seats – and she reads aloud their memorable moments.

'Condo is an engaging presence, she has a lovely tone and slips effortlessly into conversational style poetry.

That ease belies the quality of the work, these are thoughtful and clever poems.'

Stephen Walker, Buxton Fringe Review


THE GEOGRAPHY OF ME has toured in the UK and internationally, including at the Edinburgh Fringe, the Holmfirth Arts Festival, the Ilkley Literature Festival Fringe and the Winnipeg Fringe Festival.  Rose has popped up in pubs and living rooms, librairies and train platforms.  As heard on BBC Radio, Rose’s quirky Canadian charm will disarm audiences … even the most reluctant armchair traveller will go along for the ride.  


'A brave, lyrical and vivid evocation of displacement, memory, family and lost love.

Taken separately each of Rose Condo's poems tells a great story; presented together and told live by the performer,

The Geography of Me becomes a bittersweet & inspiring work of art.'

Susan Burns, Chol Theatre

THE GEOGRAPHY OF ME was developed with creative support from Chol Theatre and the Lawrence Batley Theatre

For booking enquiries please click here to contact Rose.


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