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Privacy Policy

Sending an email or using an online order form

When you contact me using an online order form or via email, I will receive and store the following information about you: name, address, email address, the message you send, any other contact information that you or your email service provide, and any attachments.  I collect this data on the basis of ‘consent’ and ‘legitimate interest’. I’ll use your information to send a helpful response, or to process online orders.  Your information won’t be shared with anybody else unless I get your permission first.  Your information will be stored in my email inbox until it is no longer needed, or until you request that I delete it.  I might contact you again in the future if I believe it’s relevant to your initial inquiry, or that you will be interested.

External links and content

I aim to include external links on my website and social media pages which are safe and relevant.  I cannot always verify the content of any externally linked websites.  Visiting these external sites is at your own risk, and I cannot be held responsible for the implications of viewing this content.  I will never knowingly link to external sites which could put your data at risk.

Social media

Data collected through external social media platforms are subject to the individual Privacy Policy held by each platform respectively.  I will never request personal data through social media platforms.


This website does not require any cookies to work and will not store any cookies on your device.  However, embedded content from other websites may require some cookies of their own. 

Access requests

If you wish to view, change, remove or restrict any information belonging to you, you can contact me at any point.  This can be verbally or in writing.  I am obligated to respond to this request within a month, free of charge.  I am legally obligated to comply with this request unless there are exceptional circumstances.

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